"Working with you to target and implement efficient solutions for professional and personal success"
Executive Counselling
Career Professionals
Professionals in Leadership Roles
Leaders and Business Owners
Dr. Pelletier uses a cognitive behaviour approach (CBT) to help career professionals and individuals in leadership positions take a proactive role in maximizing productivity and well-being while effectively managing the diverse array of emotional rigours that are inherent to professional and personal lives.
Areas of Practice
Stress and Anxiety
Professional Burnout
Life Transitions
Dr. Pelletier consults in a number of areas including resilience, performance enhancement, life transitions, stress, anxiety, mood, burnout, and workplace issues, In addition to CBT, she uses positive psychology and elements of lifestyle because they have been shown by research to bring results.
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Marie-Helene has a unique expertise combining business management, psychology, and workplace psychological health. In addition to her clinical and research background, she has experience in a variety of settings including senior leadership and board of director governance roles in health and wellness, health care, and insurance. Her counselling and consulting practice is focused on career professionals and leaders. She works in English and French.

Marie-Helene’s credentials include a B.A. and M.A. in clinical psychology from Laval University, a Ph.D. in counselling psychology from UBC, and an MBA from the UBC Sauder School of Business, where she continues to serve as alumna. As a member of the Canadian and American Psychological Associations registered as a psychologist both in British Columbia and Quebec, Canada, Marie-Helene has published articles in academic and industry journals, and has received awards and distinctions from the Canadian Psychological Association and American Psychological Associations. She is a director on the board of the International Association for Applied Psychology, was previously a director on the board of the Canadian Psychological Association, and is past chair of the board and director at Dress for Success Vancouver, an international non-profit organization that combines her passion for health, work and happiness.